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What Is Workers’ Compensation And How Is It Different Than A Third Party Liability Lawsuit?

Under normal circumstances, when an employer’s negligence injures a worker, that injury is governed by New Jersey’s Division of Workers’ Compensation and is filed under an employer’s workers’ compensation insurance.

The tradeoff is that an employee cannot sue their employer, and the employer is not legally at fault for the employee’s injuries. This can be frustrating if the injuries are especially severe or life-threatening.

A third-party workplace liability lawsuit differs from a normal workers’ compensation case because an employee can sue a third party responsible for their injuries – even if the injury was received while working. That means the resulting lawsuit operates similarly to a standard personal injury case.

Common Examples Of Third-Party Liability Cases In Cherry Hill

Here are examples of how third-party negligence in the workplace could result in eligible legal action.

  • A construction worker is injured on the job due to a subcontractor leaving out unsecured rebar. As the subcontractor is not the construction worker’s employer, the worker could bring a suit against the subcontractor and their parent company.
  • A factory worker is injured on the job due to faulty equipment. The worker could bring a third-party liability suit against the equipment’s manufacturer.
  • A delivery driver is in a car accident with another motorist. As the other individual is primarily at fault, the driver could bring a case against the other motorist.
  • A company driver becomes injured in a motor vehicle accident with a drunk driver. The driver could bring suit against the negligent drunk driver.
  • A plumber is performing repairs in a home and is injured due to the homeowner’s negligence. The plumber could sue the homeowner.
  • An office employee experiences a workplace violence situation. The office employee could bring suit against the attacker.
  • A banker experiences a robbery in which they were injured. The banker could bring suit against the security firm for inadequate security.

So, if you have become injured, like in the above examples, you may have recourse to take legal action.

It is also important to note that in the scope of your workplace injuries, it’s possible that you could collect both third-party damages and workers’ compensation, depending on the details of your case.

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