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Why The Firm Of Cuneo & Leonetti Is Your Choice For Spinal Cord Accidents

As one of Cherry Hill’s top law firms, we are dedicated to recovering maximum compensation for you and your loved ones. We know the strategies opposing legal counsel and insurance companies will try to reduce your damages and understand the best ways to counter them.

At Cuneo & Leonetti, we have won extensive settlements and verdicts in spinal injury cases. Here are some examples of how we have helped New Jerseyans just like you:

  • $750,000 Award for Cervical and Lumbar Herniations
  • $725,000 Mediation for Cervical Herniations
  • $565,000 Verdict for Lumbar Herniations
  • $500,000 Verdict for Lumbar Herniations
  • $425,000 Verdict for Lumbar Herniations
  • $325,000 Mediated Settlement For Cervical Injury

This is just a short list of all the successful spinal cord and column injury cases we’ve won across New Jersey.

Understanding The Spine: Spinal Column Vs. Spinal Cord

The human body’s spinal column is composed of 24 bones, called vertebrae, with spongy cartilage discs in between. Damage to the spine can cause intense, chronic pain, affect your mobility, use of extremities, and even the function of internal organs, depending upon which area is injured and the severity of the injury.

The spinal column is composed of three distinct regions:

  • Cervical Spine: this area comprises the first seven vertebrae, which connect the skull to the torso and top of the rib cage. 
  • Thoracic Spine: this area of the spine is composed of the middle twelve vertebrae, which span from the top to near the bottom of the rib cage.
  • Lumbar Spine: this spine area comprises the final five vertebrae, connecting from the ribs to the pelvis.

The spinal column is one of the primary structures that hold humans upright. While it has the primary purpose of providing this structural support, it also protects sensitive nerves and nerve endings – known as the spinal cord – that run from the brain stem in the middle of the vertebrae all the way to the base of the spine (known as the sacrum).

The spinal cord transmits information from the brain throughout the entire body. And while the spinal column protects the spinal cord, it also can damage the cord if the spine experiences blunt force trauma.

Spinal cord injuries are common in car accidents, slip and fall incidents, and work-related accidents.

Compensation And Damages After A Spinal Cord Injury

Living after a spinal cord injury can not just be physically and emotionally taxing, but financially taxing as well. The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation reports that an individual living with a spinal injury can spend millions each year for medical support, assistance, and other tools to help restore function.

A good spinal cord injury lawyer knows the extensive costs facing the victims of spinal cord injuries. That’s why they’ll do their best to recover maximum compensation in the form of damages in your spinal cord injury case.

Here are examples of the types of costs that a successful settlement or jury verdict could cover:

  • Medical Bills
  • Long-Term Care or At-Home Health Care
  • Home Modifications and Accommodations
  • Assistive Devices
  • Lost Wages
  • Lost Earning Potential
  • Training For New Vocation

We always recommend that spinal cord injury victims file a case immediately. Per the New Jersey personal injury statute of limitations, you must file a claim within two years of the incident -or the discovery of the injury.

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