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Have you or a loved one been the victim of a slip and fall accident in Cherry Hill? Are you experiencing intense pain and financial pressures and are unsure of what to do next? At Cuneo & Leonetti, our Cherry Hill slip and fall attorneys understand what you are going through and are here to help.

Meet Attorney Mark A. Leonetti

Attorney Mark A. Leonetti

With a legal career spanning three decades, Mark A. Leonetti specializes in personal injury law, particularly representing victims of severe motor vehicle accidents, defective products, slip and fall incidents, and other wrongful injury litigation. As a Cherry Hill injury attorney, Mr. Leonetti’s unwavering commitment to justice has led to the successful recovery of millions of dollars in compensation for his clients.

Notable Verdicts and Settlements

At Cuneo & Leonetti, we’ve been steadfast members of the Cherry Hill community for decades. In that time, our Cherry Hill personal injury lawyers have recovered millions of dollars on behalf of our injured clients. We’re very experienced in slip and fall cases, having won compensation for our clients such as:

$362,000 Settlement for a Fall on a Construction Site

$200,000 Verdict for a Fall in an Apartment Complex

$200,000 Verdict for a Slip and Fall in a Store

$200,000 Verdict for a Slip and Fall on a Ramp

If you or a loved one were injured at a business or on another person’s property, please, contact us today. Call (856) 869-9066 or fill out our contact form online. We offer a free, confidential case evaluation and handle all slip and fall cases on a contingency fee basis – meaning we never charge a fee unless we win.

Successful Verdicts & Settlements 

“I would highly recommend Mark Leonetti to anyone who needs a good lawyer that can take care or your case and do it right.” – Juan Pena

Why Choose Us for Your Slip and Fall Lawyers in Cherry Hill?

The attorneys at Cuneo & Leonetti are ready to put a powerful voice behind your slip-and-fall claim with decades of experience in personal injury claims in Cherry Hill. We offer our clients the following advantages in their claim for compensation:

  • A free case consultation and no fees charged until we secure your settlement or win your case in court
  • A team of Super Lawyers rated in the National Trial Lawyers Top 100
  • Results-oriented attorneys with decades of experience in negotiation and litigation
  • An attorney dedicated to giving your case the personalized strategy and attention it deserves
  • Open and honest communication throughout every step of your claim
  • A track record of success in securing millions for our injured clients and a positive local reputation and resources in Cherry Hill 

Proving liability in a slip-and-fall case can be complex, especially when property owners, business managers, and their insurance companies dispute liability or try to assign a portion of fault to you as the victim. You need an aggressive Cherry Hill attorney from Cuneo & Leonetti to defend your rights and best interests throughout every stage of the claim process.

Why Should I Work With A Cherry Hill Slip And Fall Lawyer?

After experiencing a slip and fall injury, the first call you should make outside of a qualified medical professional is to a trusted legal partner. Why?

Working with an experienced Cherry Hill slip and fall lawyer will help you avoid common pitfalls of the legal process and set up your case for success.

A good lawyer will help prevent:

  • You getting pressured into taking the insurance company or property owner’s first settlement offer.
  • You receiving inadequate compensation to cover your medical bills and other expenses.
  • You becoming overwhelmed with the complexities of the legal system and civil litigation.
  • You having to manage collecting extensive evidence and documentation while still trying to heal from your injuries.

A good lawyer will help you with:

  • Understanding the intricacies surrounding your slip and fall case – and what you need to do to win it.
  • Collecting documentation, eye-witness testimony, physical, photographic, and video evidence.
  • Working with insurance companies, opposing council, police, and medical professionals.
  • Negotiating with insurance companies and property owners and managers.
  • Representing you in court.

At Cuneo & Leonetti, our experienced Cherry Hill wrongful death attorneys can handle every aspect of your case, allowing you and your family to focus on your recovery.

Steps to Take After a New Jersey Slip and Fall Accident

Steps to Take After a New Jersey Slip and Fall Accident

Unexpected injuries are sudden, painful, and traumatic. It can be difficult to keep a clear head and take steps to protect yourself physically and financially at the scene of the fall and in the days to follow. By remaining as calm and clear-headed as possible, you can use your phone as a tool to preserve important evidence to help in your claim later. If you are too seriously injured to move safely, hand your cell phone to a companion or bystander to use for you. Then, do the following:

  • First, call 911 to ask for an ambulance
  • Then, use the cell phone camera to take photos of the cause of the fall, whether it’s a wet floor, loose carpet, or icy walkway
  • Photograph the scene of the fall
  • Take photos of any visible injuries
  • Add the contact information of the property owner/business manager
  • Add the contact information of any eyewitnesses—in locations with no security cameras eyewitnesses can be the key to proving the property owner’s liability
  • If the fall occurred in a commercial business setting, ask the manager to fill out an accident report

Always go directly from the scene of the accident to the hospital. At the hospital, ask for a thorough medical evaluation and tell the doctor about every symptom to ensure that you receive treatment for all injuries, including those that may not develop symptoms until later. Then, ask for a detailed copy of the medical report of your injuries. Keep a file with your medical report and copies of invoices and receipts for medical care and related expenses. Be sure to keep the clothing and shoes you wore during the fall.

Always call an attorney before speaking to insurance company representatives. Insurers commonly reach out to injury victims with early, lowball settlement offers that may not cover your damages like medical costs and lost wages. By accepting an early settlement before you are aware of all your damages, you give up the right to file a lawsuit in court later. A slip-and-fall attorney from Cuneo & Leonetti anticipates and counteracts common insurance company tactics to maximize the amount of your settlement.

Common Slip and Fall Accident Cases 

According to the CDC, over a million slip-and-fall accidents result in hospital visits in the United States each year. They are a leading cause of workplace accidents and injuries to the elderly, including hip injuries with dramatic impacts on mobility and overall health. Common causes of slip-and-fall accidents in Cherry Hill and elsewhere include the following:

  • Uneven floor, ground, parking lot, or walkway surfaces
  • Wet or slippery floors
  • Loose carpeting or floor mats
  • Unmarked floor-level changes
  • Loose or dangling power cords
  • Inadequate lighting
  • Clutter or debris on the floor
  • Cracked pavement or floorboards
  • Potholes in parking lots or sidewalks
  • Improper cleaning products that leave a slick floor surface
  • Unsafe staircases or handrails

Slip and fall accidents also commonly occur in nursing homes due to a lack of proper resident monitoring or inadequate assistive walking equipment.

If your slip-and-fall injury occurred due to a property owner or manager’s failure to take the actions a reasonable person would have under the same circumstances, then they are liable for providing compensation for your damages. Compensation typically comes through a claim against the property owner’s liability insurance.

Common Injuries in Cherry Hill Slip and Fall Cases

Falls are the second-highest cause of traumatic brain injuries as well as broken bones and soft tissue injuries. Common injuries in slip-and-fall accident claims include the following:

  • Head injuries and traumatic brain injuries
  • Fractures, including of the hip
  • Back injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Knee injuries
  • Shoulder injuries
  • Facial injuries
  • Broken teeth
  • Soft tissue injuries like sprains and torn ligaments
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Bruises, lacerations, and abrasions

A sudden injury from a fall is expensive, disrupts your daily routine, and causes injuries ranging from painful and inconvenient to life-altering. These consequences of an injury are known as “damages” in a personal injury case.

What Is a Slip and Fall Claim?

Slip-and-fall accidents and other premises liability claims arise from the general assertion that we owe a duty of care to take reasonable measures to prevent causing injury to others. When a property owner breaches that duty of care to others and the result is a serious injury, the property owner or leaseholder is liable for the damages to the fall victim. A slip-and-fall claim recovers financial compensation for economic losses caused by the injury as well as compensation for the victim’s pain and suffering. Often, the matter is resolved outside of court through the victim’s attorney’s negotiations with the insurer, but some cases go to court for litigation. This occurs when a property owner disputes the claim or an insurance company offers an inadequate settlement or undervalues the amount of the claim.

What Type of Compensation is Recoverable in a Slip and Fall Case?

Fall injuries can be serious and costly. Sometimes these injuries result in life-altering disability. Even less severe slip-and-fall injuries can quickly cause financial hardship with one or two missed paychecks and a hefty bill for emergency medical care. A successful slip-and-fall claim helps victims recover damages including any or all of the following:

  • Medical expenses
  • Future medical care costs related to the injury
  • Lost income
  • Future income loss
  • Diminished future earning capacity due to disabling injuries
  • Pain and suffering compensation
  • Other non-economic losses that apply in individual cases such as disfigurement compensation, PTSD, or loss of enjoyment of life due to disability

When injuries occur due to a sudden fall, the impacts can be long-lasting. When a property owner’s failure to take reasonable measures causes those impacts and financial harm, a successful claim not only brings compensation for economic damages but also a sense of justice.

What If the Insurance Company Says I’m Partly to Blame for the Slip and Fall Accident?

What If the Insurance Company Says I’m Partly to Blame for the Slip and Fall Accident?

Under New Jersey law: 52:4B-18, an injury victim’s jury award for damages may be reduced if they contributed to the cause of the accident, including in a slip-and-fall case. The law states:

“In determining the amount of an award, the board shall determine whether, because of his conduct, the victim of such crime contributed to the infliction of his injury, and the board shall reduce the amount of the award or reject the application altogether.” 

Exceptions are made for falls that occur when a victim tries to prevent a crime. Unfortunately, insurance companies sometimes take advantage of this law to assign an undue portion of the blame to injury victims to minimize the amount they have to pay out on a claim. For example, they could claim that the victim’s sandals contributed to the fall. A skilled attorney defends clients against this common tactic.

How Long Do I Have To File A Slip And Fall Case In New Jersey?

For all personal injury cases, including slip and fall cases (officially known as premises liability cases), victims have two years to start legal proceedings according to the statute of limitations found under New Jersey Revised Statutes 2A:32C-11 (2022)

However, there are certain situations that may lengthen or shorten the window of time that you have to file. For example, if you later discover an injury that occurred in an earlier fall, the two-year time clock begins on the date of discovery. The time limit may also be extended for underage victims who have two years from the date of their 18th birthday, or for an injury victim who spent days or more unconscious or incapacitated. On the other hand, the time limit for slip-and-falls on government-owned property may be less than on other types of claims.  For this reason, it is essential that you speak with an attorney as soon as possible. In most cases, an attorney negotiates a settlement outside of court, but if the insurance company fails to offer an acceptable settlement amo

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At Cuneo & Leonetti, our Cherry Hill slip and fall attorneys are here to offer the legal support and guidance you deserve in the wake of your injury.

We understand the complexities of these cases and the impact they can have on your life. Our New Jersey lawyers have successfully recovered millions of dollars in settlements and jury verdicts in premises liability and slip and fall cases, and know what it takes to win.

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