Why is Texting and Driving so Dangerous?

Texting and driving is a hazard, yet many people continue to do it despite the risks to themselves and others. As someone who has been involved in a crash with someone who was texting, you may be saying to yourself that it wasn’t worth it, because now you’re dealing with the fallout from the other person’s distractions. The other driver who was responsible for the crash likely knows that their actions were harmful and probably knew in advance that looking away from the road was dangerous. Despite that, they did it anyway. This can greatly impact compensation for accidents involving commercial vehicles and our truck accident lawyers serving Cherry Hill are prepared to help.

Why? What makes texting so alluring to drivers?

There are many things that make texting appealing while driving. Some might include that:

  • It’s not as easy to tell that someone’s texting, so they can try to sneak in messages without making it obvious that they’re distracted despite any laws in place
  • Texts are invasive. People are conditioned to respond to the sound of their phones going off
  • They feel like they have to respond to others quickly, so using voice to text makes sense
  • Texts are easy and quick to send, so many don’t see the dangers in sending them while driving

The problem with texting is that it takes more time than people think. Texting also takes people’s minds off what they are doing. They have to look away from the road to check their device, and they may need both hands to respond.

Texting is a distraction that kills

In 2020, 3,142 people died because of distracted driving, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Thousands more were injured.

Despite this, people still text. They may text at a red light, while in lane or even while in busy city traffic. Being so connected to technology all the time is addicting to some, but their inattention is what leads to serious crashes.

If you’re hit by someone who was texting and driving, you have a right to speak out and seek compensation for their actions. There is no reason that drivers should be doing anything other than paying attention to the road and driving safely.