Do I have to go to the ER after a car accident?

Prompt medical attention is vital for treating serious injuries, either by first responders at the scene of the accident or at a medical facility.

Proving that you received injuries in a car accident does not always require you to take an ambulance ride to the hospital, but it does make it easier.

The risk of delaying medical treatment

Injuries from a car accident can appear immediately, such as broken bones, lacerations or other visible injuries. Internal injuries can occur but not display symptoms for hours afterward. By delaying medical treatment, you put your health at risk. Getting medical care right away allows you to get the screenings or evaluations necessary to determine potential injuries.

Left untreated, many injuries can progress to cause more significant health risks. As a traumatic brain injury worsens, an individual can experience severe bleeding and swelling that could lead to long-term brain damage. The initial symptoms of headaches and dizziness seem minor, but they quickly change.

The risk of complicating a lawsuit

Failing to seek medical attention after an accident can also complicate your fight for damages or compensation for any potential injuries. When you get help and professional medical care, a record of your condition starts. A physician documents any injuries present as well as any symptoms you are experiencing. If you decide to pursue compensation, there is evidence to support your claims that the injuries are a result of the car accident.

Although you can choose to take yourself to a medical facility when it is convenient, seeking medical attention immediately after an accident protects both your health and potential personal injury claim.