What can automobile liability insurance pay for?

Getting into an automobile accident can leave you with a lot to worry about. The collision has not only damaged your car, but it has left you with injuries. This is where auto liability insurance can make a difference. If the other driver is at fault and possesses liability coverage, you may make claims for the other driver’s insurer to cover your bills.

It is important to know what auto liability insurance will pay for. You may be able to secure more coverage than you previously thought. However, you should be sure the other driver has the kind of liability coverage you wish to claim.

Coverage for injuries

According to Nerdwallet, bodily injury liability coverage is one of two major parts of auto liability coverage. This kind of insurance can pay for medical costs such as your treatment bills and recovery expenses. Bodily injury coverage may also cover lost wages in the event you cannot work while you recover.

Coverage for property

Property damage liability coverage is the second main part of auto liability coverage. This policy covers your car repair bills. Property liability can also pay for other property that the policyholder damages in a collision such as a fence.

Additionally, property liability might extend to damaged items inside your car. If something valuable in your vehicle experienced harm or destruction from the accident, it is possible you could claim coverage for it.

Be aware of difficulties in receiving coverage

Getting coverage from the other driver may not be easy. The insurer for the at-fault driver may challenge some if not all of your claims. Your damages might exceed the maximum amounts of the other driver’s liability coverage. The at-fault driver could end up on the hook for the remaining amount, and you may have to go to court to get it.

Auto accidents can take many forms. Consider your personal situation carefully so you know what options are available to you.