How does negligence lead to a serious scaffolding injury?

No matter what kind of items you construct or fix, your workplace should always follow certain safety rules.

When a competent person forgets to check on a scaffold, it can have an effect on your ability to work safely. Learning more about how negligence impacts accidents on a construction site is important if you are currently dealing with an injury.

Old and broken platforms

According to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, inspecting each platform before the next shift starts is one way to prevent a collapse. Even one person’s weight can make screws and boards break if these items are already rusted or partially broken.

When another worker neglects to test the scaffold’s suspension ropes and platforms, you may not realize the danger you are in.

Lack of harnesses and guardrails

Since you are likely working several feet above the ground, you will likely need to use a suspension system to keep you from falling. If your bosses tell you to work without one, then you could suffer from head and spine injuries if you trip.

The ropes need to be able to hold multiple times your weight in order to be safe. There should also be guardrails along the places you walk on the scaffolding.

Poor construction

At the beginning of your workday, you could encounter problems when your coworkers make a scaffold that is not properly constructed. You may not be able to tell what problems there are just from a glance, which can lead to serious injuries once you use it.

Being aware of how serious negligence from coworkers or other people is should help you if you face injuries at work.