Traumatic brain injuries can creep up on you after a wreck

The force of a motor vehicle wreck can lead to severe damage to a person’s body. While many injuries, such as broken bones, are easily noticed at the scene of the crash, there are some that don’t show up for a while. 

A brain injury is one that can be catastrophic, but it might take weeks to show up after a crash. In some cases, people mistake the symptoms they’re dealing with for something else. These symptoms include things like a headache or blurry vision, which can be mistaken for nothing more serious than fatigue or a sinus infection.

Why might brain injury symptoms go unnoticed?

One reason why some people might not realize they have a brain injury is that they may think that they couldn’t have a brain injury because there wasn’t a hit to the head. Even if you don’t hit your head in a car crash, you can still suffer brain damage when the brain slams into the interior of the skull. The impact of a car crash can cause opposite sides of the brain to strike the skull.

Individuals who have been involved in a motor vehicle crash should pay close attention to how they’re feeling in the days following. Getting prompt medical care when something is amiss is essential.

If you were in a wreck that left you with a concussion or another form of traumatic brain injury that required treatment, don’t hesitate to ask for the compensation you’re due. Experienced legal guidance can help you handle the claim while you work on your road to recovery.