3 things that could cause an employer to doubt your injury claim

You might think that claiming compensation when you are injured at work would be straightforward. Your employer holds workers’ compensation insurance, so what could go wrong? 

Employers and insurers can make claiming difficult. Sometimes this is due to the procedures they have in place to stop fraud. They sometimes make things challenging because they do not believe you. In either case, it can make filing a claim frustrating, which is not what you need when you are hurt and worried about your ability to earn.

What could cause suspicion over a workers’ compensation claim?

Avoid these three errors, which could make claiming more challenging:

  1. You do not answer the phone: An injury will require you to take time off work. Be sure to keep your phone on. Otherwise, if your employer gets your voicemail every time they try to get in touch, they might think you are lying on a tropical beach rather than in your bed.
  2. You change your story: Stick to the facts, and do not be tempted to fill in the gaps you are unsure of. If you cannot remember exactly what happened, say so. Otherwise, if someone else adds details or recalls something, it will make your original version look suspect.
  3. You do not report it right away: You might not realize the severity of an injury at first. Or you might worry about bothering your employer when they are busy. Yet, it is always better to err on the side of caution and report incidents at the time they happen. If it turns out to be nothing, then there is no harm done. If it does turn out to be serious, no one can say it could have happened outside of work.

Having help to challenge doubts and collect evidence will be crucial to getting the compensation you need if you are injured in the workplace.