The risk of blunt force trauma in a car crash

There are a variety of injuries that may result from a car accident. One of the worst types to occur are blunt force trauma injuries.

Blunt force injuries are one of very few impairments most likely to leave a car accident victim with profound injuries that may not easily heal. These injuries may be on par with spinal cord trauma in that they can forever alter the trajectory of a person’s life.

Which incidents result in blunt force trauma?

Many accidents can cause blunt force injuries, including contact sports mishaps, physical assaults or falls down stairs or from height. High-impact crashes, like those that occur at intersections or on highways where motorists travel at high rates of speed, can also leave someone with blunt force trauma.

What sets blunt force injuries apart from other repercussions?

In the case of an auto accident, the impact of a crash may cause a body to propel forward. The car’s seat belt may tighten around a motorist’s or passenger’s torso. The driver’s body can also slam into the steering wheel, windshield or dashboard.

There are even situations in which there may be multiple sources of impact. A motorist may rear-end someone in front of them, causing initial blunt force trauma. The impact of that crash may then lead a motorist to collide with a person, car or inanimate object, thus resulting in a second blunt force injury.

What type of injuries does blunt force trauma cause?

Individuals who suffer blunt force trauma may suffer varying injuries, including:

  • Lacerations, abrasions or contusions.
  • Head injuries resulting in brain damage.
  • Broken bones.
  • Crush injuries resulting in amputation.
  • Internal organ damage.
  • Spinal cord injuries resulting in paralysis.

Anyone who suffers a high-impact crash like this can benefit from having a physician check them out right away to ensure that they don’t have serious injuries of which they are at first unaware.

Many individuals who suffer blunt force trauma who survive their injury incident require multiple surgeries and subsequent rehabilitation to save their lives. New Jersey law may allow you to recover compensation for the medical care you need or funeral expenses if you lost a loved one in a senseless crash. You’ll want to learn more about how the state’s no-fault insurance doctrine works before filing an insurance claim.