New Jersey motorcyclists face elevated roadway risks

Residents in South New Jersey and other areas spanning the state could hardly be a more diverse group.

A given reader of this blog post might be employed in the construction, manufacturing or farming industry. Perhaps he or she is a factory worker or engaged in the food and beverage realm. Many people work in the retail sphere. New Jersey is home to high numbers of professionals in licensed occupations.

The bottom line: New Jersey is a notably pluralistic state marked by impressive diversity.

Despite that sheer variance, though, many different groups come together out of an affinity for certain activities. They bond over sports events, community involvements, shared hobbies and so forth.

And legions of them comprise a tightly knit group across the state that uniformly loves motorcycles and the sheer freedom of the road they confer.

It’s OK to admit it: If you ride a motorcycle, it’s hard to overstate your behind-the-wheel enthusiasm, isn’t it?

Joy tempered with caution: the challenges bikers face

One established New Jersey personal injury legal source succinctly denotes the perilous roadway reality that always confronts motorcyclists and their passengers. It flatly notes that, “As a cyclist on the road, you are more vulnerable and susceptible to fatal injuries than a [passenger vehicle] motorist.”

How much more vulnerable?

Consider this: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration stresses that bikers die in road accidents at a rate that is shockingly 27 times higher than that for passenger-vehicle victims.

Additional and eminently sobering data also include these crash-linked takeaways:

  • More than 5,000 motorcyclists died in crashes nationally in a recent year
  • Bikers comprise just a scant percentage of riders on state and national roadways, yet account for about 14% of deaths that occur each year

Motorcycle crash causes, injuries and remedies

The above-cited New Jersey legal source duly notes one sadly common crash-inducing catalyst in motorcycle accidents.

Namely, that is another driver’s negligence. Factors that often literally drive bike accidents and often catastrophic or fatal injuries range from speeding, tailgating and failure to yield to dangerous engagement with on-board distractions (many readers might logically think of texting here).

Crash victims – and often their family members and loved ones – should never feel powerless in the wake of an injury tied to third-party negligence. An experienced legal team can help them pursue a legal remedy marked by maximum compensation applicable to many key concerns.