Winter weather and traffic accidents

If you drive, ride a bike or walk near traffic during the winter, you need to understand how adverse weather increases the likelihood of an accident. In New Jersey, winter weather poses a serious threat to the well-being of drivers, vehicle occupants and others on the road, and the odds of an accident increase when drivers fail to pay attention and use common sense (such as driving too fast on icy roads).

Tragically, many people lose their lives on the road as a result of winter weather conditions.

Winter weather and deadly accidents

On their site, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration focuses on various dangers that come with driving during winter weather and traffic accidents. The NHTSA states that poor weather plays a role in many motor vehicle collisions, which affects one’s ability to drive safely in various ways. For example, ice and snow can cause drivers to lose control of their vehicles, while fog and heavy winds can interfere with a driver’s ability to see the road. Driving during a storm is especially hazardous in some instances due to blowing snow.

Winter weather and staying safe

Often, it is a good idea to avoid driving during inclement weather. However, those who must operate a vehicle regardless of weather conditions need to exhibit caution. Make sure that you drive carefully and slow down when necessary. For example, if you drive up a steep hill or around a sharp turn, watch out for ice. Moreover, look out for other drivers, especially since they do not always drive carefully amid poor weather conditions.