Garden State Parkway rollover kills two, injures others

As frustrating as it can be to have to deal with the consequences of a car accident in New Jersey, most of those who experience them assume that they are just that: an accident. Yet the fact that the drivers who cause them typically have no intention of doing so does not change the fact that accident victims still have to deal with expenses related to medical care and vehicle repairs.

Taking legal action to help deal with those expenses may not be an easy decision. One often cannot overlook the fact, however, that minus a driver’s actions, accident victims would not face the challenges of meeting these costs.

Rollover accident in Clifton produces deadly results

While such actions on the part of those who cause accidents are often unintentional, their results are often still devastating. This notion was on full display in a rollover accident that recently occurred on the Garden State Parkway near Clifton. According to, a driver traveling southbound on the Parkway lost control of her vehicle, which then flipped and rolled into the northbound lanes. It eventually struck four other vehicles. The driver of the overturned car as well as an occupant of one of the other vehicles died in the accident, while several others sustained injuries. Authorities still do not know what caused the driver who caused the crash to lose control in the first place.

Compensation available from a decedent’s estate

One might think that in cases such as this (where the driver that causes an accident dies in the collision), seeking compensation becomes a moot point given the death of the responsible parties. Yet those impacted by such an accident can seek compensation from a decedent’s estate. Those looking to do so may first want to consult with an experienced legal professional to understand all of their options.