Is someone else at fault for your slip and fall injury?

A slip and fall injury is any injury that occurs on property owned and maintained by another person. If your injury was due to the negligence of a property owner, you may have a personal injury case to pursue to help pay for your medical treatment.

Rules are different for commercial property, residential property and government property. Generally, in order to find fault with the property owner, your injury incident must meet a few criteria.  

1. There was a dangerous condition

You must show that your fall was the result of a dangerous condition you could not have anticipated. Examples of dangerous conditions include an icy sidewalk, a loose stair, a torn carpet or a wet floor.

2. The property owner was negligent

The existence of a dangerous condition is not enough. You must prove that the property owner was aware of the danger but neglected to fix it. Or, that the danger existed long enough that proper maintenance would have led to its discovery. For example, an icy sidewalk left untreated for days.

3. You acted conscientiously

You have a duty to keep yourself safe from harm. To argue that another was at fault for your injury due to their negligence, you must also show that you acted with care and paid attention to your surroundings.

Slip and fall personal injury cases are more complicated than they may seem. It is often difficult to determine who is to blame. A lawyer can help you gather the information necessary to argue your position and help you navigate the specific criteria that you must meet depending on the type of property.