Insurance companies would rather settle for less than you deserve

At The Law Offices of Cuneo and Leonetti, we understand how quickly insurance companies work after an accident occurs in New Jersey. Representatives may convince you to settle your claim outside of court to prevent you from obtaining the full compensation you deserve. When injured in an accident, however, you have the legal right to seek justice and compensation for the full scale of the disruption and damage caused to your life.

A 56-year-old Garden State resident suffered permanent injuries after a volunteer firefighter responding to an emergency call slammed into her in an intersection. The sudden impact from the firefighter rushing through a red light resulted in the woman fracturing her ribs and also left her with severe spine and neck injuries.

The woman settled with two separate insurance companies, as reported by U.S. News & World Report. The volunteer fire department’s insurance carrier settled for $4.5 million and the firefighter’s policy provided $100,000.

The amount may seem unreasonable in light of the fact that the woman now requires both a lift and a wheelchair just to move about in her own home. A jury may have taken the life-altering and permanent effects of the accident into consideration and awarded an amount that more realistically reflects her disabilities.

After an accident, medical expenses may pile up and income lost through an inability to work can have a significantly negative effect on you and your loved ones. Insurance companies understand the dynamics of accidents, which is why pushing to settle your case without a jury trial is their priority. At times, settling may prove fruitful, but it generally requires an aggressive legal team to get through it successfully.

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