3 common workers’ compensation questions

The New Jersey workers’ compensation system can be a little confusing. There are a lot of rules and procedures that you must follow to get benefits. Even when you do get an approval, you may still not understand exactly what to expect from the benefits. 

Because this is such an important topic for employees, it is essential that you know what workers’ compensation is and what it can offer you in the event of a workplace accident or injury. The Hartford explains that most people have a few basic questions about workers’ compensation

1. What is it?

Workers’ compensation is insurance your employer has to cover the costs of any injuries you may have while on the job. It is a no-fault system that prevents you from taking your employer to court to sue for damages. It also helps ensure you receive quick payment. 

2. What does it cover?

Workers’ comp offers coverage for medical expenses related to your work injury. It can pay for care now and in the future if you have a continuing need for medical services. Depending on how many days you miss work, workers’ compensation may provide loss-of-pay benefits. You can get a portion of your average pay. 

Benefits also cover loss of life and funeral expenses. Your family will receive these payments if you die due to a work-related injury

3. What does it not cover?

Workers’ compensation will cover almost any injury you incur while on the job. However, it does not apply to an intentional injury or one you get due to being under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In addition, it will not cover injuries received due to illegal activity or any injury that occurs outside of your job duties. 

Workers’ compensation is an effective system to assist you when you suffer a work injury. If you need to file a claim, your employer should give you the paperwork you need.