Protect yourself against wrong-way drivers

It is a New Jersey drivers nightmare to see a vehicle heading in the wrong direction on the highway. Most people do not know how to protect themselves against reckless drivers. The US Department of Transportation cites that 300 to 400 people die on the road annually due to wrong-way driving. While this may not seem like a large number, these crashed tend to be more severe. Often, wrong-way collisions are head-on collisions.

Inside Edition explains how Florida is testing technologies to ease the devastation of wrong-way drivers. When a driver enters the highway in the wrong direction, signs will light up to warn the driver that he or she is entering the ramp incorrectly. If the vehicle does not stop, then a camera will take a picture of the car and the highway command center receives a notification. A dispatcher contacts the Highway patrol and signs above the highway warn drivers of the danger.

Until this technology can spread to other states or until it becomes foolproof, there are steps that drivers can take to avoid collisions or to protect themselves in case of a wrong-way driver.

Drivers should practice the most caution between the hours of 11 pm and 5 am. This is when drunk drivers are more likely to encounter other vehicles. Another rule of thumb is to stay right at night. Wrong-way drivers will more than likely drive in the left lane. If a person sees a drunk driver, he or she should pull to the right lane shoulder to call authorities.