Can you get PTSD from a car accident?

It may not be just the experience of war itself that leads to PTSD. Evidence now suggests that physical injury to the brain may create a vulnerability to the disorder, as vets who had suffered a traumatic brain injury or a concussion appear to be more susceptible to the disorder. 

If this is true, then it means that anybody who has suffered a physical brain injury could also be at risk of developing PTSD. This includes people who have been in a car accident, people who have been victims of domestic violence and others who have sufferered a traumatic brain injury through the negligence of another person.  

A firmly established link could open up more avenues of compensation for injured people who have suffered not just the physical aftermath of a traumatic brain injury, but also the long-term psychological consequences of PTSD that require additional treatment and care. One possible positive consequence of a link between brain injury and PTSD, however, could be a reduction in the stigma some associate with having a mental disorder. If the physical link between the two makes it easier, psychologically, for some people to seek the treatement they need, this could be a good thing. 

If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident that resulted in a brain injury, the risk for PTSD is increased, as is the likelihood that you will have to pay not only for physical recovery from the injury but also the resulting costs of coping with PTSD. A personal injury lawyer can work with you to make sure you receive the maximum possible compensation to help pay for these costs.