Cherry Hill Medical Malpractice Lawyer: Proactive Health Care is Essential

When we are ill or hurt and seeking quality care, we expect the best health care services from our doctor or hospital. Even the most basic care practices are part of a protocol of any facility. Proper hand washing, patient identification and verification of medicines and procedures are fundamental essentials on which the rest of the health care treatment is based. 

While patients may think that infection control is not something they to worry about, it can be a problem in even the most well-run facilities. It may be surprising to learn that 210,000 to 440,000 patients are fatally injured each year in American hospitals due to medical errors, medication errors or infections. Studies further show that 80% of these fatalities are attributed to poor medical team dynamics such as failed communication, coordination or collaboration.

To reduce the rate of medical errors, several approaches can be taken. First, the patient should be their own advocate, or enlist a family member to help do so. Asking all employees entering a hospital room to wash their hands before touching the patient is a basic right. Keeping notes on what happens each time there is patient interaction, and noting the name of all health care workers interacting with the patient is a good way to track one’s treatment. Moreover, observing the administration of medications is a good idea, especially when there are several different physicians prescribing for the same patient. Shift changes can be confusing times for patients, so keeping a log of each caregiver can offer peace of mind and reduce medical mistakes.

It is the high volume of caregivers that both serves a patient well, yet can also work against the administration of the best healthcare. A health care system with so many specialties ensures that there will be many involved in the care of a patient. It also increases the risk of a medical error occurring. The very nature of each physician focusing on their own specialty may inadvertently result in a failure of healthcare professionals working together effectively as a team.

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