When might you face a workers’ comp claim dispute?

From payment for lost wages to medical coverage for your injuries, workers’ compensation can provide crucial financial support for you and your family. In New Jersey, most employers must carry this type of insurance for their employees.

Unfortunately, there are many reasons your employer or your employer’s insurance provider may try to deny part or all of your claim.

The importance of filing quickly

It is essential to notify your employer, supervisor or personnel office of a job-related injury soon after it occurs. If you need medical treatment, you will have to visit a physician approved by your employer and/or the workers’ compensation insurance carrier to remain eligible for benefits.

Reasons you may face a claim dispute

If you do not report your injury and seek approved medical care quickly, you may lose the right to file a claim for compensation. Other issues that may result in a disputed claim include disagreements about whether your injury:

  • Was the result of work-related duties
  • Requires the type and extent of treatment that you claim
  • Has resulted in temporary or permanent disability
  • Involved the use of intoxicating substances

After reporting your injury, either your employer or their insurance provider will investigate your claim. The employer/insurance provider may then either reject your claim or approve only a limited amount of the compensation you need.

However, in this case, you do have options to protect your legal rights. If you want to dispute the decision, you may file an Application for an Informal Hearing or a formal Claim Petition with the New Jersey Division of Workers’ Compensation.