How do I recognize a drunk driver?

Drunk drivers are a menace on the roads all across America. One way to help keep drunk drivers off the road is to understand when you see one and what to do. Drunk driving claims thousands of lives every year, and reporting is one way to keep the roads safe.

Fortunately, there are some common tells when it comes to identifying drunk drivers. According to MADD, you should watch for specific behaviors from drunk drivers and call the police if you suspect drunk driving.

Signs of drunk driving

There are several common signs that a motorist is driving drunk. Quick acceleration or deceleration, drifting out of traffic lanes, turning illegally and swerving may indicate a drunk driver. Other signs include driving well below the speed limit, nearly striking roadside objects and driving with the headlights off at night.

These signs alone do not indicate that a driver is 100% drunk. However, if you see several of them the chances are high.

What to do if you see a drunk driver

The first thing is to make sure that you protect your own safety. Make sure to get away from the drunk driver. If it is possible, try to get some information about the car’s make and model, as well as any identifying characteristics of the driver.

Once you have any information it is safe for you to obtain, pull over and call the police. You should give the police all of the information you have, as well as your current location and where you suspect the driver may be heading. This will allow the police to intercept the driver, and potentially save lives.