How can you document your automobile crash?

You might never expect to get into an accident with another vehicle, but it is important to keep a cool head if it should happen to you. Assuming you are not badly hurt and can walk around, you should gather information on your collision.

The other driver may blame you for the accident. By collecting evidence and documenting facts, you could show that you were not at fault and that the negligence of the other driver entitles you to compensation for your damages.

Take pictures of the scene

You will probably have your smartphone with you during the crash. Nerdwallet explains that you may use the camera in your phone to snap pictures of the damage done to your vehicle and the automobile that hit you. You should also record images of the surrounding environment since anything from a bush to a traffic sign might be a crucial detail.

Taking a picture of the license plate of the other vehicle is also important. If the other motorist flees the scene, you have some identifying information you could provide to the police.

Write down your recollections

Make notes on how the crash occurred. Think of any detail you can remember, such as the date and time of the collision, how fast you were driving, and the road and weather conditions. Also include the directions you and the other driver were going in prior to the collision.

One or more individuals may have seen your accident occur. If possible, get contact information of witnesses as they may confirm your account of the crash.

A police report may assist you

If you contact the police, it is possible an officer will come out to your accident scene and write a report. A police report plus the evidence you have gathered may be of help if you want to establish that you were not at fault for the collision.