Smashed fingers can be serious injuries

Workers in almost every industry are at risk of smashing their fingers in some type of way. Office workers might accidentally slam a drawer on them. A banker may close their finger in a safe. A construction worker may miss a nail and hit their finger instead. 

While you might assume that a smashed finger is just a nuisance, it’s actually an injury that can be very serious. In some cases, people with this injury will need to have surgery to fix the finger – or even face amputation.

Why would surgery be necessary for a smashed finger?

There’s a chance that one of the bones in the finger is broken. Fingertip fractures are fairly common when a person smashes the end of the finger. A person who suffers from a smashed finger will likely need to have an x-ray to check for a break in the bone. 

In the least serious injuries, applying a dressing while the finger heals is all that’s necessary. Metal pins or splints might be necessary to immobilize the finger to facilitate optimal healing. More serious injuries might require surgical interventions. The most severe smashed fingers might be so damaged that amputation becomes necessary. 

Any worker who’s suffering from a smashed finger should ensure they get medical care because these injuries can be quite serious. When an accident happened at work, workers’ compensation should cover the cost of medical care. Depending on the severity of the injury and how it affects your ability to do your job duties, you may need partial wage replacement if you’ll be off work for a prolonged period. You may have to fight for the benefits you’re due so be sure you’re working with someone who can uphold your rights.