Many spinal cord injuries require lifelong care

Most able-bodied people take their ability to perform basic life tasks for granted. They may not think a lot about what life would be like if they suddenly lost that ability. People who have suffered from a spinal cord injury are often thrust into a life of limitations that they didn’t have before.

There are many different things that a spinal cord injury can do. Depending on the severity of the damage to the spinal cord and the location of it, the consequences can be catastrophic.

What are some impacts of a spinal cord injury?

Spinal cord injuries can lead to paralysis of the limbs. The affected areas of the body are below the level of the injury, so a person with a neck injury may lose function in all four limbs. A person with a lower back injury will have movement in the arms but might have leg paralysis. The trunk of the body might also be affected by a spinal cord injury.

Many people who have a permanent spinal cord injury will need considerable help with their daily life activities. This includes things like getting dressed, using the toilet, and bathing. They may also need assistance with their medical care tasks, such as hooking up their ventilator or practicing bowel care.

Victims of spinal cord injuries that were caused by another party may choose to seek compensation for the financial damages they’re dealing with. This can include the expensive medical care they need due to the injury. It can also include lost wages if they weren’t able to return to work after the incident. New Jersey has a statute of limitations on these cases, so don’t waste time getting the claim for compensation filed.