How much will you receive in disability pay after a work injury?

No one should have to endure long-term financial hardship because of the risks that come with gainful employment. Workers’ compensation insurance helps minimize the consequences workers must endure if they get hurt on the job.

There are different workers’ compensation benefits available for employees in different situations. Generally, employees in New Jersey can count on workers’ compensation to cover the costs of their medical care for an injury or illness they develop because of their profession. Medical benefits are very important, as the care required to get back on the job could cost thousands of dollars.

Disability benefits are also crucial. Workers who require a leave of absence to undergo treatment or recover from an injury can also receive disability benefits. When a worker cannot do their job anymore or have to take a lower-paying position because of their injury, those disability benefits will reduce the financial impact of the injury on that worker’s life. How much can a worker in New Jersey receive in disability benefits?

Multiple factors influence what benefits of worker receives

In theory, you could estimate what disability benefits you receive by looking at your average weekly wage. It’s important to understand that workers with more than one job who get hurt at one job typically cannot claim benefits for all of their jobs but only the one where they got hurt.

Even then, a worker can only receive, at most, 70% of their average weekly wage in workers’ compensation benefits. Those who earn particularly high wages may not even receive that much, as the state has a maximum benefit as well. Currently, the maximum benefit available through workers’ compensation disability is $969 per week, although that will go up to $1,065 in 2022.

Understanding the benefits is the first step toward collecting them

Workers’ compensation benefits are not automatic, which means that if you don’t apply for them, you won’t receive them. You need to be your own advocate when you get hurt on the job. You should not rely on information provided by co-workers or friends, as they may not be familiar with the workers’ compensation insurance program or your rights under New Jersey law.

Learning more about workers’ compensation benefits will help you get the support you need after a work injury.