Restaurant workers face serious hazards

People who work in the restaurant industry have difficult job duties. They face serious risks on every shift. It’s up to the restaurant to ensure that these risks are minimized to provide their workers with a safe workplace. Assuring that their employees have the equipment and training to do their jobs safely is a critical component of hazard reduction protocols.

Because restaurant workers might be struggling to make ends meet, they may ignore injuries so they can continue working. This can worsen some on-the-job injuries. Workers should be especially careful about these hazards because even minor safety breaches can lead to major health problems.

Watch out for dangerous liquids

Many types of liquids are used in the food service industry. Some of these include hot grease and strong chemicals. Both are problematic because they can lead to burns or eye injuries. Burns account for approximately one-third of all injuries in this industry. Workers with these injuries should seek immediate medical care.

Sharp objects pose risks

Workers have to be very careful when handling sharp objects, including knives and slicers. Even glasses and dishes can be pose hazards if they break. Cuts and puncture wounds can easily become infected, especially if the sharp edge that cut the skin was contaminated with any bacteria. Workers should seek medical care after being cut while working in the kitchen.

Injured restaurant workers have the right to seek workers’ compensation benefits. After a claim gets submitted and approved, the medical care the injured employees receive should be covered by workers’ compensation. Other benefits might also be accessible, so learn more about your eligibility for those as well.