What accident risks increase when the weather gets warmer?

Coming out of winter into the warmer months of the year means more drivers hit the roads. Even with the dangers of ice and snow gone, there are still many risks on the roadway even in warm weather of which you should be aware.

Safer America explains it is easy to get into the mindset that without adverse weather, there are no hazards on the road, but with warm weather comes some issues you may not consider.

People on the road

When the temperature rises, people will spend more time outside. This means more pedestrians and bicyclists on the roads. You need to be aware of them and ensure you follow all laws about yielding. This is especially important in the early morning and evening hours when the sun begins to go down and it can be more difficult to see people in the roadway.

New drivers

Once winter leaves, many teens start working towards securing their licenses. They avoided doing so during winter, but now that it is nice outside, they are hitting the roads in larger numbers. Be aware that other drivers on the road may not have as much experience as you. Be courteous and pay attention.

Sun glare

The sun shines much more in the spring and summer. During sunrise and sunset, the way it sits in the sky can be especially blinding. Alter your travel plans to avoid traveling into the sun if possible. Use sunglasses and your vehicle’s visors to help reduce glare as well.


Nice weather means road crews can begin fixing all the issues that occurred over winter. Always watch out for construction workers on the roads. Slow down and get over whenever possible.

Driving safe and watching for hazards does not end when winter turns to spring. Even warm weather can bring road hazards for which you need to watch out.