Can a repetitive strain injury put you out of work?

Every job has its share of potential risks to your health. Naturally, some jobs pose a much bigger risk than others. But even a desk job at an office can cause you injury if you are not careful.

Repetitive strain injuries (RSIs) are one of these all-encompassing issues that any worker can face. But just how serious are they?

Healing an RSI

Healthline discusses the true impact of repetitive strain injuries on the workforce. There is an unfortunate misconception that due to the commonality of RSIs, they are not a serious issue. In fact, many people will just continue working even after getting the diagnosis that they have an RSI. They believe it is no big deal, and they can just push through.

Unfortunately, RSIs do not heal on their own. They require rest and anything else a doctor might prescribe. If you try to “push through” an RSI, you risk worsening it. In its worst state, and RSI might require surgery to take care of it. Then you have an even longer period of recovery to deal with. On top of that, your affected limb will never work quite the same as it did before, and you may develop RSIs in the future more easily because of it.

RSIs and your ability to work

An RSI can even put you out of work. If you cannot complete the tasks of your job, you cannot get the job done. Simply put, while you are resting and recovering, the company still needs to get work done. You could find yourself switched to another position or even losing your job entirely. This is why many in your shoes choose to seek compensation for the injury they received on the job.