What do you know about common office hazards?

You work in an office in New Jersey rather than in a construction zone. So, you do not have to worry about workplace hazards, right? Even standard work offices have their fair share of hazards. 

The Society for Human Resource Management describes several common office hazards. Understand what precautions to take and how to keep yourself safe on the clock. 

Ergonomic injuries

Poor posture, insufficient breaks away from electronic screens and repetitive motions can all lead to ergonomic strains and injuries. If your office does not already have them, ask your employer about ergonomic keyboards, office chairs and desks. Besides special equipment, you can also prevent ergonomic strain by taking regular breaks from sitting and staring at a computer screen and maintaining a neutral posture. 

Slips, falls and trips

Wet floors, unsecured cords, spills and loose rugs all become slipping, tripping and falling hazards in office spaces. During the snowy and rainy months of the year, rainwater and melting snow tracked into the office and left unattended can slip up unwary employees. All pathways in your workplace should be free of clutter to prevent trips. 

Eye strain

Touching back on looking at computer screens for long periods, doing so can cause eye strain. Besides taking breaks, adjust the brightness of your screen so you do not overexert your eyes. Adjust your screen to slightly below your eye level, and take 10-minute breaks for every hour that you stare at a screen to give your eyes a break. 

Employers unaware of common office hazards could open themselves to injured employees and workers’ compensation claims. Educate yourself to protect yourself and your coworkers.