4 tips for a safer commute

Your commute is likely a large part of your workday. The U.S. Census Bureau’s 2017 American Community Survey states that in the U.S., the average worker’s commute is approximately 26.9 minutes.

If you are a regular commuter, the majority of your trips may occur without incident. You should still commit to driving safely and try the tips listed below to reduce your risk of getting into a serious accident on your way to or from work.

1. Choose a route before you leave

There may be several routes you can take to get to work and back home. Before you leave home or your office, choose the route that offers the safest driving conditions possible. For example, you may consider taking less crowded surface streets instead of the freeway during periods of heavy traffic.

2. Leave enough space between cars

Leaving enough room between your car and other vehicles on the road is important, especially when you drive in congested traffic. Maintaining enough space ensures you have enough time to stop and prevents you from rear-ending the vehicle in front of you if another car hits you from behind.

3. Keep your cool

Your emotions can distract you from driving safely during your commute. When stuck in traffic, try to keep your cool and refrain from letting frustration increase your risks of getting into a car accident. If you feel aggression taking over, pull off to the side of the road and collect your emotions.

4. Stay focused

Driving the same route every day can make your commute monotonous. While it may be tempting to fill your daily drive with distractions like audiobooks or loud music, try to use these activities safely behind the wheel. Never text and drive, refrain from eating behind the wheel and do not use a handheld GPS to find a better route during your commute.