How can I advance my recovery from a burn?

Recovering from a severe or even a modest burn can be a trying time for you. Many burns are painful, and some can even leave permanent scars or disfigurements. Despite the challenges involved, it is possible to take steps to make your recovery progress as fast as possible. 

Some methods of recovery involve following the instructions of your doctor, but you may need to be proactive in gathering information about your condition. MSKTC describes a few ways people recovering from a burn may advance their recovery

Prepare questions for your doctor 

Do not expect that your health care provider will address everything that you want to know concerning your condition. Before an appointment, prepare a list of questions for your physician or whoever is treating you. Gathering as much information as possible may make a future appointment unnecessary and it may also speed your treatment along. You might also help your doctor make decisions concerning your treatment. 

Attend to your wound area 

Your health care providers will likely give you instructions how to treat your wound area. Following the instructions may help promote healing, but in general, you want to keep your wound location clean while it heals. Also avoid bumping or scratching the wound area. If it itches, you may need to apply some lotion or cream per the instructions of your doctor. If you received a skin graft, you may need to follow similar instructions. 

Perform exercises 

You may have spent some time resting after a burn, especially after a severe burn that required surgery. If your doctor clears you to do so, exercising may help your body recover faster. Your health care provider may instruct you how to exercise depending on what part of your body suffered a burn. Exercising promotes better breathing, decreases the chances of infection, and may help restore self confidence. 

These are not the only ways to help you recover, but they can help a great deal. You might also want to seek support from other people who have suffered burns and know what you have been through.