Cherry Hill Car Accident Lawyers Cite Stiff Fines and Penalties for Road Rage

Cameras are always rolling in Hollywood, and recently they captured real-life drama between two motorists. In early June, a road rage incident was filmed by an onlooker using a smartphone. The dispute began when one of the drivers made a lane change along the 101 Freeway, which angered a fellow driver. Both cars then left the freeway and engaged in verbal sparring for several miles before exiting their vehicles and engaging in a mid-morning, rush hour fist fight. 

Road rage in New Jersey is prosecuted as a third degree crime according toNew Jersey car accident lawyers. Drivers convicted of aggressive driving which causes serious injury can be sentenced to three to five years in jail, and fined up to $15,000. In addition, Cherry Hill personal injury lawyers say a driver charged with assault by automobile faces up to 18-months in jail and a $10,000 fine if it can be proven that aggressive driving was a factor.

Beyond criminal liability; however, a driver in a road rage incident can be ordered to pay damages caused by their reckless and negligent driving. Reimbursement of medical expenses and lost income, as well as compensation for pain and suffering, are all available in a civil lawsuit filed by those who have been victimized by an aggressive, angry driver. Moreover, punitive damages are often available when a driver’s conduct is found to be particularly egregious. The statute of limitations in New Jersey requires only that a personal injury claim be filed within two years of the event.

In the California road rage incident, both drivers exchanged blows near Hollywood High School for several minutes before reentering their cars and speeding away. The cell phone footage failed to capture the drivers’ license plates, and police have asked the public for help in identifying the suspects.

Cherry Hill Car Accident Lawyers at the Law Offices of David K. Cuneo Represent Road Rage Victims

It is normal to feel frustrated by other drivers from time to time but when that frustration boils over, it can result in death or injury for innocent motorists. If you or a loved one have been involved in a road rage incident, contact New Jersey car accident lawyers at the Law Offices of David K. Cuneo. We represent clients in personal injury litigation throughout New Jersey. Call our personal injury law office at 856-869-9066 to schedule your free consultation, orcontact us online.